Tuesday, August 11, 2009

i ♥ singapore

Well, not really. Had to say it just to get free toppings for my yami yoghurt which they offered in conjunction with s'pore national day, which was on Aug 9. heee... kiasu me. Guess I am becoming Singaporeanised.

After a good lunch at pow sing and a cup of yami yoghurt, we (my siblings n the BRATs) went to Marina Barrage for picnic, kite-flying and fireworks-watching. I'm telling you, don't trust Spore weather forecast. They are almost always wrong. And again, they predicted storm on sunday but au contraire, the weather was great! Sunny windy Sunday.

Haven't had Brats outing for some time so the picnic was really nice, JH even came! That "harlot upon many waters" who abandoned us. chih.... LOL jokes....

Was so excited I finally get to play the kite that I bought from this random shop I chanced upon during my lunch break. But alas... the kite sucks! It kept tilting to the left. Actually the first time was fine. Mayb it broke when it drop to the floor. then again, it means the kite sucks. Uncle A's kite on the other hand was so big and cool. Like a black hawk. And was so stable. Just needed to lift it up a bit and it straight away caught the wind and went soaring to the blue sky. Well I guess that's the difference between a $3 and a $16 kite T.T"

Then evening came and the NDP started. Nothing really exciting. Didn't even see the 5 fighter jets they usually have and the flag that the choppers were carrying was on the wrong side. And don't talk to me about the fireworks. It was PATHETIC! Short? Nevermind. It's always been like that, like it usually last for abt 5 to 7 mins. But it gave false alarms 4 times. FOUR!

We were sitting around, waiting for the longest time when it went Boom! All of us, including the other people who were waiting, went cheering and scrambling to our feet trying to capture the fireworks. We waited and waited for the fireworks to go off again..... nothing...

Then about 10-15 mins later, went Boom! again. Again we went scrambling to our feet. And the same thing happened 2 more times. Wah buay song ar! I know the economic's bad, but no need to cheat our feelings for four times can! Sian-ed! And when the real thing happened, it was behind the %&*%$** 3 IR buildings. So the fireworks were partly blocked by the damn thing. I was telling someone, if there was a terrorist hijacking a plane and went into the building the same time as the fireworks, it'll be funny if people keep cheering. The next day's headline would probable be "Triple tower go Ka-boom!" or something like that.

Oh well, lucky the picnic was fun. Otherwise I'd write to the newspaper and complain how the fireworks ruined my day, just like a true Sporean would o.O

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