Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Baking Frenzy

I've been in a bit of baking frenzy lately. Never fail to come up with a baked goodies or two every week. Prolly because I've been quite free in the office that I visit my old fav food blogs and those I chanced upon while googling for recipes. They always make those dreamy desserts seem too easy to make. I'm inspired to make some myself.

Well, of course, the ever-impatient me sometimes can't be bothered to follow instructions step-by-step, especially those that consist of several components and need to be assembled. So I "improvised". For instance, there is this tart recipe that have 4 components: the choco tart base, the banana caramel, salted ganache and choc mousse. Tho' I like baking, I get lazy too and don't wanna spend the whole day in the kitchen. So I subsituted salted ganace with normal ganache and choc mousse with whipped cream. Oh well, the end products get good reviews from my food critics (aka walphie, the, er, nest, al) so I guess no harm had been done ;)

These past 3 weeks alone I've accumulated so many recipes that are waiting to be tried and tested. I really wish I had more time at home. I finally did warm molten choco cake and meringue, among others. Oh and my second attempt at making cream puff were succesful. Yatta! The recipe didn't lie when it says "How to make the perfect cream puff" =D (I'll post piktures soon!)

But but there's still panda bread (which looks so cute), ultimate cheesecake (which claimed to be the best cheesecake recipe *shrugs*), herbed ricotta tart etc etc waiting for me. And this morning I chanced upon butter recipe. Yesh, making my own butter. And it looks damn easy and uses heavy cream only. If only I had come across this recipe sooner, I wouldn't have to throw away half of my cream that had gone bad 2 days ago cuz I didn't know what to do with it anymore. Shucks. Waste money.

Oh, tomorrow's bebek's bday. Hmm what should I make him this time? Often times I lose sleep thinking what I should bake for people's bday. Better start thinking! (:

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