Friday, August 28, 2009

Today's my last day at this other dept where I'm pretty slack. I'm partly sad and partly relieved. Well sad cuz it means I won't have be able to go home on the dot everyday and I prolly won't have so much time to go browsing FB and random websites. I'll miss the relax and friendly ppl in there too. It's actually quite fun there. The guys are quite funny n well, kinda childish. Geeky (duh, what would u expect, if you know where I got seconded to), but in a good way. Baked them cream puff. All said the puffs were good. But those guys prolly are happy as long as they're edible. Haha...

But it got pretty boring too in that dept. Which is why I'm kinda relieved to be able to go back to my unit. Gosh I've been there for 5 weeks already. I've prolly forgotten my training materials already. Kinda apprehensive about the coming week's engagement. Hopefully I get a nice team with nice people working on interesting engagement, with nice clients.

Gosh, end of week. Somehow I'm pretty drained. Must be all that going out every evening. Couldn't sleep last night either. Cuz of bubble tea and late night running session? *shrugs*

Looking forward to weekend and continue reading my book, which I've neglected, on my cozy bed (:

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