Friday, October 17, 2008

Freedom to Choose?

Was just wondering. Actually was reading AFA when my thoughts drifted away. It always happen. Anyways, was just wodnering the meaning of having a freedom to choose. The real meaning, of course.

It's funny how preaches always say that God has given us the freedom to choose. It's funny because if we choose to do something that is not in line with what God wants us to do, we suffer a consequence. For example, we can choose to be a goody-2-shoes or be a total jackass. But of course, God will bless the goody-2-shoes and not the jackass, right? Unless of course the jackass repents. But repentance is an entirely different thing and we shall keep this topic short and simple here.

It always happen, to me at least, when I do bad things I will suffer the horrible consequence almost immediately. Really. But I won't give you instances, cuz I ain't proud of my sins. So, if I want good things to happen to me, I have NO choice but to be a good girl right? I mean, who doesn't want good things ot happen to them. Even those super emo kids who claims they don't need God's blessings or good things to happen to them, deep deep down they must long for good things. That's irrefutable.

Ok I know that "God gives rain to both bad and good guys", which implies God's blessings is for everyone. But then again, why do we say "you will get your just dessert" to the baddies? which implies that if we do bad things, we get bad things.

So applying my Analytical Skill, I shall attempt to make a proposition (is it what it's called? can't remember. sold my AS bk already)

Since good things happen to good people, we HAVE to be a good person
if we want good things to happen to us.

"Have to" implies a MUST, which implies the lack of alternatives. So... what's that freedom to choose are we talking about again?

Wednesday, October 15, 2008


泥だらけよ 馴染めない都会で
同じように笑えない うつむいて歩いたの
急ぎ足で すれ違う人たち
In the familiar, dirty city
We walked with our heads down, unable to laugh in the same way
People hurry past
“Has your dream come true?” I’m still struggling

あの空 越えてゆけるかな?
飛び立つ為の翼 それは
カンタンに 行かないから 生きてゆける
I went out to a place where the sun shone and held out my arms
And thought “Could I cross the sky?”
I still can’t see any wings to fly with
It’s because it’s not simple that I can go on living
~ Life by Yui

I listened with amusement to the guest speaker last nite. He's a big shot in a big hotels and resort company.

When he was talking to us, he said we looked so tired (damn right, we were), but he also said we "ain't seen nothing yet." He said working world is way tougher and we better start working hard early. He recalled his experience of having to make calls in the wee hours, working on London hours and coming back to work on sundays and stuff like that.

Then i went to the company's career webpage and one of the advantage of working in that co that the brochures is proudly saying is having a "work-life balance". I'm sure not having enough sleep and forgoing my weekends is part of "work-life balance".
T'hat's amusement #1

Then he also said that he didn't work hard when he was young and that he only realised that he should start working hard when he was in his thirties. But earlier he mentioned that he was a scholar who graduated with a law degree.

Uh huh, mister. I'm so sure that getting scholarship and a law degree doesn't require much hardship. I believe you.
That's amusement #2

Life is funny right. Oh crap, i better start studying my AFA again and stop complaining cuz I "ain't see nothing yet".

Friday, October 3, 2008

AFA: Absolutely Freakin' Abstruse

Finally done with my midterms. Yayness!

Screwed up my AFA big time. No surprise.

Midterm break next week. But seriously break? What break?!? I'm almost fully booked by my project gpmates. Imagine - 4 major projects, all will be chiong-ed during the term break. Yargh!

Thinkin of buying a new lens for my camera. I like sceneries and I love macros. Um, suggestions?

Gonna read a new book this break. Just borrowed Haruki Murakami's Hard-boiled Wonderland and the End of the World from Fels. Man, I love Murakami-san. I wanna marry his fantasies. They're pretty abstruse too, like AFA. But in a good way, very good way, unlike AFA.

Wanna go around snappy happy for one day. What ulu place in Spore that's pretty?

Gonna be a busy busy term break for me ^^