Wednesday, October 15, 2008


泥だらけよ 馴染めない都会で
同じように笑えない うつむいて歩いたの
急ぎ足で すれ違う人たち
In the familiar, dirty city
We walked with our heads down, unable to laugh in the same way
People hurry past
“Has your dream come true?” I’m still struggling

あの空 越えてゆけるかな?
飛び立つ為の翼 それは
カンタンに 行かないから 生きてゆける
I went out to a place where the sun shone and held out my arms
And thought “Could I cross the sky?”
I still can’t see any wings to fly with
It’s because it’s not simple that I can go on living
~ Life by Yui

I listened with amusement to the guest speaker last nite. He's a big shot in a big hotels and resort company.

When he was talking to us, he said we looked so tired (damn right, we were), but he also said we "ain't seen nothing yet." He said working world is way tougher and we better start working hard early. He recalled his experience of having to make calls in the wee hours, working on London hours and coming back to work on sundays and stuff like that.

Then i went to the company's career webpage and one of the advantage of working in that co that the brochures is proudly saying is having a "work-life balance". I'm sure not having enough sleep and forgoing my weekends is part of "work-life balance".
T'hat's amusement #1

Then he also said that he didn't work hard when he was young and that he only realised that he should start working hard when he was in his thirties. But earlier he mentioned that he was a scholar who graduated with a law degree.

Uh huh, mister. I'm so sure that getting scholarship and a law degree doesn't require much hardship. I believe you.
That's amusement #2

Life is funny right. Oh crap, i better start studying my AFA again and stop complaining cuz I "ain't see nothing yet".

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