Wednesday, October 21, 2009

The whirlwind inside my head

I've abandoned my blog again. And I'm gonna take a break from here for awhile as I've a new blog that I need to attend to. Nah it's not a rambling blog that's full of randomnesses like this one. Just something I feel like doing. Not gonna tell where it is either :P Just there to pen type things down (:

I'll come by every once in a while, hopefully.

So till then (:

Friday, August 28, 2009

Today's my last day at this other dept where I'm pretty slack. I'm partly sad and partly relieved. Well sad cuz it means I won't have be able to go home on the dot everyday and I prolly won't have so much time to go browsing FB and random websites. I'll miss the relax and friendly ppl in there too. It's actually quite fun there. The guys are quite funny n well, kinda childish. Geeky (duh, what would u expect, if you know where I got seconded to), but in a good way. Baked them cream puff. All said the puffs were good. But those guys prolly are happy as long as they're edible. Haha...

But it got pretty boring too in that dept. Which is why I'm kinda relieved to be able to go back to my unit. Gosh I've been there for 5 weeks already. I've prolly forgotten my training materials already. Kinda apprehensive about the coming week's engagement. Hopefully I get a nice team with nice people working on interesting engagement, with nice clients.

Gosh, end of week. Somehow I'm pretty drained. Must be all that going out every evening. Couldn't sleep last night either. Cuz of bubble tea and late night running session? *shrugs*

Looking forward to weekend and continue reading my book, which I've neglected, on my cozy bed (:

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Baking Frenzy

I've been in a bit of baking frenzy lately. Never fail to come up with a baked goodies or two every week. Prolly because I've been quite free in the office that I visit my old fav food blogs and those I chanced upon while googling for recipes. They always make those dreamy desserts seem too easy to make. I'm inspired to make some myself.

Well, of course, the ever-impatient me sometimes can't be bothered to follow instructions step-by-step, especially those that consist of several components and need to be assembled. So I "improvised". For instance, there is this tart recipe that have 4 components: the choco tart base, the banana caramel, salted ganache and choc mousse. Tho' I like baking, I get lazy too and don't wanna spend the whole day in the kitchen. So I subsituted salted ganace with normal ganache and choc mousse with whipped cream. Oh well, the end products get good reviews from my food critics (aka walphie, the, er, nest, al) so I guess no harm had been done ;)

These past 3 weeks alone I've accumulated so many recipes that are waiting to be tried and tested. I really wish I had more time at home. I finally did warm molten choco cake and meringue, among others. Oh and my second attempt at making cream puff were succesful. Yatta! The recipe didn't lie when it says "How to make the perfect cream puff" =D (I'll post piktures soon!)

But but there's still panda bread (which looks so cute), ultimate cheesecake (which claimed to be the best cheesecake recipe *shrugs*), herbed ricotta tart etc etc waiting for me. And this morning I chanced upon butter recipe. Yesh, making my own butter. And it looks damn easy and uses heavy cream only. If only I had come across this recipe sooner, I wouldn't have to throw away half of my cream that had gone bad 2 days ago cuz I didn't know what to do with it anymore. Shucks. Waste money.

Oh, tomorrow's bebek's bday. Hmm what should I make him this time? Often times I lose sleep thinking what I should bake for people's bday. Better start thinking! (:

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

I Kinda Miss School

Smoo students wud be entering their 2nd week of school by now. Saw some uni-student-looking people squeezing with the office workers on the train these past few days. Sigh... I kinda miss going to school. I miss wearing comfy casual clothes. I miss having to rush and attend boring seminars one day and getting to stay at home lazing around the next. I miss going for super extended lunch after classes and hitting the empty malls on weekday afternoons. I miss seeing sales items still neatly arranged on the shop shelves and taking my time choosing without squeezing with other bargain-hunters. And of course, I miss my afternoon naps. I feel sleepiest after lunch. But most of all, I miss waking up late and coming home early. I still can't get over the drag I feel every morning getting my butt off the bed.

Gah, must be the Tuesday blues! Er's right. Mondays' are actually not that bad since there is still the weekend happy feelings. But Tuesdays are worse since the weekend feelings have worn off and the weekend is still far away. Sooo far away.....

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Wind-blown hair and sky-high kites

To me, it's always the company that make or break my day. Here are some of the pictures from national day picnic at Marina Barrage. Notice there are no pictures of the fireworks. Can't be bothered to put the pathetic display of fireworks. Hmph, all those last minute googling on my sis' mobile wi-fi on "how to shoot fireworks" were for nothing.

(click on the image for better resolution. don't know why it looks pixelated here.)

Momonga (モモンガ)

Gail posted a link about this little critters on FB. The moment I set my eyes on that single photo, I went "Kawaiiiiiiiiiiiii!!!" I couldn't help but go "Awwww" and smiled to myself even though I was in office. I went straight to Google images and googled for more pics of them. They are THAT cute.

Those critters are Japanese dwarf flying squirrels called Momonga, モモンガ. Honestly, they are so adorable they look like they pop out of a manga. Gotta love those huge, shiny, button-like eyes and tiny hands that they like to fold in front of their fluffy round tummy, making them look like they are peeking out of a half egg shells. And I don't know if it's just me, but they look like they are smiling on each of their piccas. Maybe just like most Japanese, they love their piccas to be taken :P

Feast your eyes on this cuteness overload ^ ^

"Hey I wanna be in the picca too!" said the last squirrel poking his head from behind the tree. HeeHee...

Aren't they precious?

Thursday, August 13, 2009

The Big 4

So I've been working in one of the Big 4 for over a month already and received my first paycheck yesterday. Yes, they've only given it to us after more than 5 weeks working for them. Don't they realise the time value of money? Oh yea, that's right, they do realise the time value for them, not for us. So calculative. As expected from an accounting firm eh. And I don't know why, I don't really feel cash-rich. Must be the $26,000 debt I have. Sigh....

Neways, read in S' blog about how working in the Big 4 is like entering a bad relationship. Well I have heard the horror stories from seniors. But I should count myself lucky cuz I haven't experienced any of those horror. The latest I've left office is 6pm and the earliest was 3.30pm HAHAHA. Ok, that happened only once during training period.

Well, that's cuz I've been seconded to this other dept where things are so relaxed. There isn't much things to do. Even if there are things to do, the secretary would keep telling me to take my time and that there's no deadline, unlike in audit. In her own words, "Take your time ar. No need to kan cheong". To that I say, "Yes m'am!"

So here's what i read about working in the Big 4:

1) You’re excited and have a new wave of confidence.
2) Your jealous friends think you’re so cool.
3) You’re eager to please.
4) You tell everyone. “I work at Big 4” “I’m dating Sam”
5) You spend way too much time.
6) You’ll be asked to order/make food.
7) Sometimes you wonder if you’re being taken advantage of.
8) Your parents wonder why you come home so late.
9) Your parents don’t know what you’re doing.
10) You tell yourself things will get better.
11) You’re made to do things you don’t want to.
12) You wonder if this is the ONE where you will spend the rest of your life.
13) You consider leaving but what will your friends/parents think?
14) You’re asked to eat things you don’t want to… um… like hours of course.
15) There are good times and bad times.
16) Bad times seem to be a lot worse.
17) The longer you stay, the worse it gets.
18) The smart ones leave early.


Tuesday, August 11, 2009

i ♥ singapore

Well, not really. Had to say it just to get free toppings for my yami yoghurt which they offered in conjunction with s'pore national day, which was on Aug 9. heee... kiasu me. Guess I am becoming Singaporeanised.

After a good lunch at pow sing and a cup of yami yoghurt, we (my siblings n the BRATs) went to Marina Barrage for picnic, kite-flying and fireworks-watching. I'm telling you, don't trust Spore weather forecast. They are almost always wrong. And again, they predicted storm on sunday but au contraire, the weather was great! Sunny windy Sunday.

Haven't had Brats outing for some time so the picnic was really nice, JH even came! That "harlot upon many waters" who abandoned us. chih.... LOL jokes....

Was so excited I finally get to play the kite that I bought from this random shop I chanced upon during my lunch break. But alas... the kite sucks! It kept tilting to the left. Actually the first time was fine. Mayb it broke when it drop to the floor. then again, it means the kite sucks. Uncle A's kite on the other hand was so big and cool. Like a black hawk. And was so stable. Just needed to lift it up a bit and it straight away caught the wind and went soaring to the blue sky. Well I guess that's the difference between a $3 and a $16 kite T.T"

Then evening came and the NDP started. Nothing really exciting. Didn't even see the 5 fighter jets they usually have and the flag that the choppers were carrying was on the wrong side. And don't talk to me about the fireworks. It was PATHETIC! Short? Nevermind. It's always been like that, like it usually last for abt 5 to 7 mins. But it gave false alarms 4 times. FOUR!

We were sitting around, waiting for the longest time when it went Boom! All of us, including the other people who were waiting, went cheering and scrambling to our feet trying to capture the fireworks. We waited and waited for the fireworks to go off again..... nothing...

Then about 10-15 mins later, went Boom! again. Again we went scrambling to our feet. And the same thing happened 2 more times. Wah buay song ar! I know the economic's bad, but no need to cheat our feelings for four times can! Sian-ed! And when the real thing happened, it was behind the %&*%$** 3 IR buildings. So the fireworks were partly blocked by the damn thing. I was telling someone, if there was a terrorist hijacking a plane and went into the building the same time as the fireworks, it'll be funny if people keep cheering. The next day's headline would probable be "Triple tower go Ka-boom!" or something like that.

Oh well, lucky the picnic was fun. Otherwise I'd write to the newspaper and complain how the fireworks ruined my day, just like a true Sporean would o.O

Thursday, July 30, 2009

I'm back

After a long absence, I'm back here again. Feels bad for my blog. It gets abandoned every now and then. Actually there are tonnes of story to tell. The last exam of my uni life, the part-timing in a pastry shop (super fun!), the grad trip, the commencement, working life (or rather the lack of it) etc. But I got lazy.

So I've decided to start blogging again. Cuz i'm super bored and people kept asking me to start blogging again. I guess other ppl are pretty bored out like me too. I do have things to do. But not much and they're like non-brainer. I can finish them in a zip, but then I'd have nothing to do, my desk will be empty and I'll be spacing out or doing random googling. So i'll slowly do them while blogging heehee :P

Bet you've never heard of an auditor who's damn free like me. I'm not the only one tho. My unit mates are the same. We get to go home on the dot at 5.30, take 1.5hrs lunch, relax a bit. It was nice at first, but it gets boring real fast. And now i'm seconded to the IT dept and end up doing sai kang for them *rollseyes* Sigh... I wanna do real work already. Sian sian...

Oops, my boss just saw me blogging. Yesterday he saw me giggling to myself while msn-ing. SHites... All Ad's fault for saying all those cheesy stuff on msn. Hee...

K. CIao for now.

Friday, April 10, 2009

UniQlo's coming to Spore but why no MatsuKen's posters? WHY?!?

Ok exam time, so i'll make it quick. If you've been goin to City Hall mrt, you'd realised there's this new posters posted on all the glass windows for this new store called UniQlo. Never heard of it before Kit mentioned it in one of her surveys (she sent damn lots of surveys!). Apparently it's a casual clothing store. It looks ok. Very casual. The clothes remind me of Gio or Bossini clothes.

Then i've going thru this forum on MatsuKen (Matsuyama Ken'ichi). He's my new addiction. He's the one who plays L in Deathnote and the main actor in Detroit Metal City. Will talk about him more next time. But anywas, while ogling his pictures in the forum, i saw pictures of him as the posterboy for Uniqlo. And the clothes his wearing is sooo much cooler than the ones shown on Sg posters. Aaarrhh. I want him as the posterboy!! Why is he not the posterboy for Sg stores? Why put some unknown ang-mohs on your poster?? WHY?!?!? I'd be more than glad to stay in cityhall MRT for couple of mins just to stare at his posters. LOL.

Oh well, mayb the Sg branch too poor to afford him. He's a rising star after all. Sighs...

To Uniqlo, if you happen to see this, I suggest you change your posters. Girls will come flocking down to your stores. CONFIRM.