Monday, June 16, 2008

To Laugh or to Cry?

Accounting mods and I can never be best friends.

Got back both my results for accounting theory and tax planning. Altho my AT's grade is considered a better one, it's still so lousy. I studied harder than usual, read some of my articles. seriusly, u'd be shocked to see how much readings i've to do. damn profs. they've got nth better to do than reading articles and assume that we're the same. And quantity is one thing. Those articles were absolutely incomprehensible, or should I use the terms used in one of the articles, they are ARBITRARY AND INCORRIGIBLE. I think i'll have better chance scoring an A in greek than in AT. So yea, I was kinda disappointed with my result. It's a pretty rare feeling when it comes to acctg mods since usually i have the come-what-may attitude towards them.

I remembered we just finished our last AT class and was walking towards KPT for lunch, and we were just talking how much we dread the exams. Then Sis was like saying how worried she was. I was too. Then Krist's was like saying "Sis, when u fret, u're fretting whether you get an A or A+. But for Car, she's fretting whether she'll pass or not." LOL...

While I'm struggling to pass, the rest are struggling to be on the dean's list. It's pathetic.

Then prof released the TP grade last Fri. Seriously I didn't know whether to laugh or cry. I seriously thot I'd fail. I screwed up the exam badly, and i mean B.A.D.L.Y. The thought of having to endure another term sutdying that damned mod just terrified me. So I prayed that I don't mind a bad grade as long as I pass. And so my prayer was answered. I passed....but with a horrible grade that really hurt my already pathetic GPA.

Cuz of that, I was trying to forget how pissed I was by watching some funny stuff on youtube that I forgot the time. When I reached SYC, I was just in time when the speaker said "Thank you". There were quite a few parents also and the damned door creaked so much everyone turned their heads to see me standing at the door with all my sleeping bag and all. So embarrasing.

Crap, parents coming back tmr. Gotta wake up early tmr to clean up the house :S

Friday, June 13, 2008

Meitantei Conan (Detective Conan)

Oh gosh, I can't remember the last time I read manga. It was like donkey years ago!

Started reading again when I went to Er's place few weeks ago (cuz i forgot my house key, again) and saw fel's manga collection. She lent me Kamikaze Kaito Jeanne. It's an okay manga. The kind I used to like a lot when I was in primary school. We called it the "serial cantik" (loosely tranlated as "pretty series". weird huh...) But now, it's okay only. Still entertaining tho cuz I got that "ah, been a long time, ne" kinda feeling.

Then went over to Ern's place to pick sth up and he was reading Detective Conan on I was like "Eh Detective Conan?!?"

It was one of my fav manga back in primary school. I even used to collect it (so proud that I used my own meager pocket money to buy), until the 20+th volume. Then stop buying manga when I moved to Singapore cuz the english manga here cost a bomb. The chinese ones are cheaper, but I can't read chinese character for nuts, except for I, You and He/She characters which I learnt recently. LOL..

First volume of the original Japanese release of the series

Since I'm so free now I decided to start reading again. I even forgot where I stop cuz it was such a long time ago. But now that I've started reading, I can't stop. Conan still give me the same excitement I got years ago :)

Neways, Meitantei Conan (aka Detective Conan) is a detective manga and anime series (i don't watch the anime tho) written and illustrated by Aoyama Gosho. It follows the adventure of Shinichi Kudo, a high schooler who loves solving mystery, supposedly cuz his dad is a mystery novelist. But one of the case that he was solving was linked to the Black Organisation, a secret criminal organisation. They made him drink some drug to kill him. But instead of killing him, it shrunk his body to be that of a 6-year-old. So then now while solving cases, he is also trying to get into the Black Organisation so he can be normal again.

The first Anime series was aired in 1996. So yea, it's been more than a decade!

Click here to read more about Detective Conan. Btw, it's called Case Closed in US. Shinichi Kudo becomes Jimmy Kudo, Ran Mouri becomes Rachel Moore and Kogor Mours (Ran's detective father) becomes Richard Moore. Dunno why they change the names. So silly.

I miss reading manga properly. As in holding mangas in my hand. But now they cost so much. Almost $10 per volume and there are many many volumes. So I've to be contented with reading Conan from *sigh*

Well, imma go back to my manga now. Catch!

Yui - Laugh Away

Have I ever told you how much I love Yui?

Erm, no, not in that way. But i just love her music. And she's such an unassuming, shy, sweet person (at least from what I see from her interviews and behind-the-scenes). To be honest, her voice isn't that great. But most of her music just hit all the right notes for me.

Been her fan since "Life" days. Yes, that long ago, that is, since I started watching Bleach (which was I dunno, a couple years ago) and her song was used as the opening song. Didn't think much of her cuz her voice sounds like a little girl. But then I got curious and youtube-ed her and listened to her other songs and got hooked since. Maybe I'll do a review of her other songs next time. My fav ones include Feel My Soul, Winter Music, CHE.R.RY, Rolling Star, and I Remember You. I can even play her It's Happy Line on guitar heheh...

Goodbye Days is nice. But everytime I listen to it, i feel all sad and depressed. Prolly cuz it's used in her movie called "Taiyo no Uta", which is a very nice but very sad movie. I dunno what's up with jpnese movie directors. They like to make depressing, unhappy-ending or tragic shows. And the thing about me, songs always evoke my memories, be it the incidents in TV shows/movies that they are associated with or incidents that I experienced while the songs are playing.

Neways, her recent song (released around March) is called Laugh Away. Been on my repeat playlist for the past few months and am still loving it. It's such a nice spring song that makes me feel all light-spirited and relaxed. I listen to it all the time cuz it just makes me smile.

The music video is great too. The scene shows YUI singing in the green green grass of home (ok not home, just some plains) with beautiful blue sky as the backdrop and her band playing in the background. Then there are scenes of sakura tree in full blossom, butterflies, a boy riding his bike, YUI listening to the sound of nature, and a pretty sunset. Love the cool blue vintage car in the video too. Perfect :D

Read somewhere that it was still extremely cold when the video was shot. A freezing -6 centrigrade! Shows her dedication in her music, doesn't it?

I don't believe in love at first sight. But totally a believer of love at first sound :D


YUI - Laugh Away

PS: I don't know how to make the screen fit my page, so it got a bit cut off on the right. If you wanna watch full screen, click here. I hate youtube. Keeps deleting MVs T.T

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Hello Again :)

Okay so I changed my blog again due to some reasons... okay due to my indecisiveness. haha....Figured I don't like the old addie.

Neways, mod term has finally ended. HALLELUJAH!

Been more than a week actually. Still slacking away. Ok, I did try applying for some internship. But they all rejected me. Oh well, I guess no company would wanna waste money on someone who's incompetent right?

Not sure how to fill my 'summer' hols now (let's just use the term summer, tho technically speaking there's no such a thing as summer here in S'pore). Someone reminded me that this is actually my last summer hols, as in really the last summer hols of my school life. I'll be graduating in a year's time, and after that I've to, unfortunately, join S'pore's workforce *sigh*

And so, that left me thinking whether I should slack it away and do whatever I feel like doing, or I should waste make use of it doing stuff like getting an internship (tho i doubt i can get any this late), OR i could actually go to a bakery or some cake shop and try to get apprenticeship OR go for cake-making classes. I don't know.

Working in a cake shop or bakery sounds like a good idea. But not sure where to apply and whether any of them would wanna hire an amateur who has no education in pastry-making but have somehow gained some skill by messing up her kitchen. Still looking into it tho. Stoops Ands sposed to give me some contacts T.T Going for cake making classes isn't a bad idea either. BUT (and that's a big BUT) me hasn't been working, so me no income, so me broke now and so me no money to pay for them :'(

Dad's been asking me if I've gotten an internship or a job. But I really don't feel like getting a 9-to-6 job. So boring and it makes me fat cuz I'd be sitting down all day long. Dammit! Sometimes I just wish money would fall from the sky. Dammit, I still don't know how to make use of my saigo no natsu (japanese for "last summer"). Sigh, my indecisiveness is gonna kill me one day (maybe like when there's a car approaching me and I can't make up my mind if I should move it or stay put and let the car bang into me so I can leave this tough world).