Friday, June 13, 2008

Meitantei Conan (Detective Conan)

Oh gosh, I can't remember the last time I read manga. It was like donkey years ago!

Started reading again when I went to Er's place few weeks ago (cuz i forgot my house key, again) and saw fel's manga collection. She lent me Kamikaze Kaito Jeanne. It's an okay manga. The kind I used to like a lot when I was in primary school. We called it the "serial cantik" (loosely tranlated as "pretty series". weird huh...) But now, it's okay only. Still entertaining tho cuz I got that "ah, been a long time, ne" kinda feeling.

Then went over to Ern's place to pick sth up and he was reading Detective Conan on I was like "Eh Detective Conan?!?"

It was one of my fav manga back in primary school. I even used to collect it (so proud that I used my own meager pocket money to buy), until the 20+th volume. Then stop buying manga when I moved to Singapore cuz the english manga here cost a bomb. The chinese ones are cheaper, but I can't read chinese character for nuts, except for I, You and He/She characters which I learnt recently. LOL..

First volume of the original Japanese release of the series

Since I'm so free now I decided to start reading again. I even forgot where I stop cuz it was such a long time ago. But now that I've started reading, I can't stop. Conan still give me the same excitement I got years ago :)

Neways, Meitantei Conan (aka Detective Conan) is a detective manga and anime series (i don't watch the anime tho) written and illustrated by Aoyama Gosho. It follows the adventure of Shinichi Kudo, a high schooler who loves solving mystery, supposedly cuz his dad is a mystery novelist. But one of the case that he was solving was linked to the Black Organisation, a secret criminal organisation. They made him drink some drug to kill him. But instead of killing him, it shrunk his body to be that of a 6-year-old. So then now while solving cases, he is also trying to get into the Black Organisation so he can be normal again.

The first Anime series was aired in 1996. So yea, it's been more than a decade!

Click here to read more about Detective Conan. Btw, it's called Case Closed in US. Shinichi Kudo becomes Jimmy Kudo, Ran Mouri becomes Rachel Moore and Kogor Mours (Ran's detective father) becomes Richard Moore. Dunno why they change the names. So silly.

I miss reading manga properly. As in holding mangas in my hand. But now they cost so much. Almost $10 per volume and there are many many volumes. So I've to be contented with reading Conan from *sigh*

Well, imma go back to my manga now. Catch!

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