Monday, June 16, 2008

To Laugh or to Cry?

Accounting mods and I can never be best friends.

Got back both my results for accounting theory and tax planning. Altho my AT's grade is considered a better one, it's still so lousy. I studied harder than usual, read some of my articles. seriusly, u'd be shocked to see how much readings i've to do. damn profs. they've got nth better to do than reading articles and assume that we're the same. And quantity is one thing. Those articles were absolutely incomprehensible, or should I use the terms used in one of the articles, they are ARBITRARY AND INCORRIGIBLE. I think i'll have better chance scoring an A in greek than in AT. So yea, I was kinda disappointed with my result. It's a pretty rare feeling when it comes to acctg mods since usually i have the come-what-may attitude towards them.

I remembered we just finished our last AT class and was walking towards KPT for lunch, and we were just talking how much we dread the exams. Then Sis was like saying how worried she was. I was too. Then Krist's was like saying "Sis, when u fret, u're fretting whether you get an A or A+. But for Car, she's fretting whether she'll pass or not." LOL...

While I'm struggling to pass, the rest are struggling to be on the dean's list. It's pathetic.

Then prof released the TP grade last Fri. Seriously I didn't know whether to laugh or cry. I seriously thot I'd fail. I screwed up the exam badly, and i mean B.A.D.L.Y. The thought of having to endure another term sutdying that damned mod just terrified me. So I prayed that I don't mind a bad grade as long as I pass. And so my prayer was answered. I passed....but with a horrible grade that really hurt my already pathetic GPA.

Cuz of that, I was trying to forget how pissed I was by watching some funny stuff on youtube that I forgot the time. When I reached SYC, I was just in time when the speaker said "Thank you". There were quite a few parents also and the damned door creaked so much everyone turned their heads to see me standing at the door with all my sleeping bag and all. So embarrasing.

Crap, parents coming back tmr. Gotta wake up early tmr to clean up the house :S

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