Friday, June 13, 2008

Yui - Laugh Away

Have I ever told you how much I love Yui?

Erm, no, not in that way. But i just love her music. And she's such an unassuming, shy, sweet person (at least from what I see from her interviews and behind-the-scenes). To be honest, her voice isn't that great. But most of her music just hit all the right notes for me.

Been her fan since "Life" days. Yes, that long ago, that is, since I started watching Bleach (which was I dunno, a couple years ago) and her song was used as the opening song. Didn't think much of her cuz her voice sounds like a little girl. But then I got curious and youtube-ed her and listened to her other songs and got hooked since. Maybe I'll do a review of her other songs next time. My fav ones include Feel My Soul, Winter Music, CHE.R.RY, Rolling Star, and I Remember You. I can even play her It's Happy Line on guitar heheh...

Goodbye Days is nice. But everytime I listen to it, i feel all sad and depressed. Prolly cuz it's used in her movie called "Taiyo no Uta", which is a very nice but very sad movie. I dunno what's up with jpnese movie directors. They like to make depressing, unhappy-ending or tragic shows. And the thing about me, songs always evoke my memories, be it the incidents in TV shows/movies that they are associated with or incidents that I experienced while the songs are playing.

Neways, her recent song (released around March) is called Laugh Away. Been on my repeat playlist for the past few months and am still loving it. It's such a nice spring song that makes me feel all light-spirited and relaxed. I listen to it all the time cuz it just makes me smile.

The music video is great too. The scene shows YUI singing in the green green grass of home (ok not home, just some plains) with beautiful blue sky as the backdrop and her band playing in the background. Then there are scenes of sakura tree in full blossom, butterflies, a boy riding his bike, YUI listening to the sound of nature, and a pretty sunset. Love the cool blue vintage car in the video too. Perfect :D

Read somewhere that it was still extremely cold when the video was shot. A freezing -6 centrigrade! Shows her dedication in her music, doesn't it?

I don't believe in love at first sight. But totally a believer of love at first sound :D


YUI - Laugh Away

PS: I don't know how to make the screen fit my page, so it got a bit cut off on the right. If you wanna watch full screen, click here. I hate youtube. Keeps deleting MVs T.T

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