Thursday, June 12, 2008

Hello Again :)

Okay so I changed my blog again due to some reasons... okay due to my indecisiveness. haha....Figured I don't like the old addie.

Neways, mod term has finally ended. HALLELUJAH!

Been more than a week actually. Still slacking away. Ok, I did try applying for some internship. But they all rejected me. Oh well, I guess no company would wanna waste money on someone who's incompetent right?

Not sure how to fill my 'summer' hols now (let's just use the term summer, tho technically speaking there's no such a thing as summer here in S'pore). Someone reminded me that this is actually my last summer hols, as in really the last summer hols of my school life. I'll be graduating in a year's time, and after that I've to, unfortunately, join S'pore's workforce *sigh*

And so, that left me thinking whether I should slack it away and do whatever I feel like doing, or I should waste make use of it doing stuff like getting an internship (tho i doubt i can get any this late), OR i could actually go to a bakery or some cake shop and try to get apprenticeship OR go for cake-making classes. I don't know.

Working in a cake shop or bakery sounds like a good idea. But not sure where to apply and whether any of them would wanna hire an amateur who has no education in pastry-making but have somehow gained some skill by messing up her kitchen. Still looking into it tho. Stoops Ands sposed to give me some contacts T.T Going for cake making classes isn't a bad idea either. BUT (and that's a big BUT) me hasn't been working, so me no income, so me broke now and so me no money to pay for them :'(

Dad's been asking me if I've gotten an internship or a job. But I really don't feel like getting a 9-to-6 job. So boring and it makes me fat cuz I'd be sitting down all day long. Dammit! Sometimes I just wish money would fall from the sky. Dammit, I still don't know how to make use of my saigo no natsu (japanese for "last summer"). Sigh, my indecisiveness is gonna kill me one day (maybe like when there's a car approaching me and I can't make up my mind if I should move it or stay put and let the car bang into me so I can leave this tough world).



essy said...

caressa!!! havent seen / talked to you for a really long time!!! ): anyway, my current blog's at (: if you wanna read just let me knw n ill add yr email add in!


dawn said...

i think u shld find a bakery temp job! its a goood idea! and will be your first step to reaching your dream. do you know how lucky you are to actually have a dream!? haha..

Just.Me. said...

esther: hey babe! ya been a long long time eh? haha... yep add me in k! :)

dawn: that's what I want also but haven't found any :(