Wednesday, September 17, 2008

One Love - Arashi

Arrgh I'm so busy that I don't think I can can post all things Hana Yori Dango cuz I know it'll take up too much time. But I still spare some time to search and download Hanadan Final OST, which is called One Love by Arashi.

It's a very typical J-pop JE (Johnny Entertainment, for the clueless you) boys' song - meaning... the song is sung by 5 pretty boys who can't really sing have passable voice. Ok before I get thrown at with rotten eggs by JE boys fans, I do like some JE boys. haha... some of them can really act, and yes, some are really such pretty eye candies. But when it comes to singing... only a handful of them can actually sing properly. The rest are okay only. Oh well, at least they don't sing out of tune :P

One of the Arashi members is Matsumoto Jun, who plays Domyouji Tsukasa in Hanadan. It's always like that. Whenever one of the JE boyband boys play in a drama, they'll make that boyband sing the OST of the drama. Although look-wise and vocal-wise Matsujun's not that great, but he's really really a very good actor and he's charming in his own way.

I've yet put any Arashi song into my iTunes, not even those from Hanadan 1 and 2. I'm pretty picky with my songs, and I do enjoy good vocals. From Arashi, I think Ohno is the one that has a better voice. So from Hanadan collection, I've only gotten Planetarium by Otsuka Ai and Flavour of Life by Utada Hikaru, both of which are really great songs.

But I got suckered into getting One Love cuz, the heck, it's the final OST from Arashi for Hanadan. Besides, to be honest, I really love the beginning part of the song. The sounds of the drums (the band type), the bagpipe, the violen, the beat of the song - it kinda has Irish folk dance sound. Whatever it is, I love the beginning part especially.

And the more I listen to the song, the more I like it. Been repeating the song over and over again, listening to it day and night for the past few days. It's a happy love song!

Like I said, the vocals are okay only, but the tune is really nice. I don't know how to describe it, but I think it's a PERFECT ending song. It's like, the song itself is able to wrap up all those 3 years of Hanadan series. I can't think of any other song that will be suitable for Hanadan's ending song. And despite being an ending song, it give you the feeling that the song does mark the ending of Hanadan but also the beginning of Tsukasa and Tsukushi's great love story. LOL... I hope you get what I mean.

LOL, i guess u can tell I really like (more like obsessesed with) the show, huh. I mean even D, who never ever watch Hanadan before or any other j-drama before (maybe only a couple), and unfortch, got dragged by me to watch felt that the movie was really sweet and funny.

Oh wells, I shud stop now and get back to my boring, dull and lifeless presentation reading material that's titled "A Longitudinal Investigation of Auditor Error Projection Decision". *urgh* - -"

For you peeps who have more time on your hands than I do, here's One Love by Arashi. Enjoy! :)

PS: Quality pretty bad, but if you're wondering why it's so blur, it's cuz the video is supposed to have painting-effect. So yea, it's not supposed to look very clear in the first place. I've got HQ if you want ;)

And this one is the trailer to the movie. There are several version, u can look it up on youtube.

hana yori dango final trailer 2 [sub us]
by mushihimeffseb

Another version (but not subbed).

Thursday, September 11, 2008



stay tune for more...

psst, i FINALLY get to watch the movie today! :D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Boo... I Miss iPod and iTunes

Some of you might know already that I finally got my mp4, a Creative Zen, which was bought during Comex last week. Was so tempted to buy a better one, like Samsung P2 or Creative X-Fi, but I'm such a blur+careless+unlucky person that expensive stuff and I never seem to get along very well. So after reading reviews here and there, I decided that Creative Zen is good enough for me.

It looks pretty neat. It's really slim and light that it doesn't add much weight to my bag. Guess it's pretty important for me since somehow I'm always lugging a lot of things to school. And of course that it means it fits nicely to my tiny evening bags also.

I've been using iPod for about 5 years now! The first iPod I owned was a cool blue Mini. Besides wanting a change, I felt that iPod sounds is somehow not up to my standard. I like a stereo, full bass kinda sound. And iPod didn't give me that. The bass sound is especiall sucky. I love bass sound! Of course, changing my earphones to Senheizer or Shure is an entirely different thing, and they will cost the same, if not more ex, as the mp4 itself. And after reading the features and everything, Creative is more value-for-money. It's got better stuff at lower cost. See, this is what studying accounting and finance has done to me. My buys must be justifiable and worth the price :P

But boy, was I wrong. Ok, I may be biased and I'm just lazy to learn new stuff. But still, firstly, Creative doesn't have its own player, unlike iPod which has iTunes. Which means, it's more troublesome to arrange my music and playlist. I haven't really figured out how to categorise my music, maybe that's cuz i haven't really tried. But those creative user I've spoken too also agree that Creative's a bit messy when it comes to arranging your files. And according to D, I've to use Windows Media Player, which I haven't used for the past 5 years. So i miss iTunes which automatically pops up whenever I connect my iPod.

Creative's UI is also a bit confusing and have to press here and there if I wanna get around, unlike iPod. I especially hate it when I wanna play the songs according to Artists I've to click on the artist, then have to choose the album first before playing the song, unlike iPod which allows to play all songs from the artists, regardless of the album. And then there's the slow start-up. It still has to display the word "Creative Zen" for a few seconds before I can start playing my music, unlike iPod which starts immediately.

Of course it has its good things, which i read from Cnet and, such as it's brilliant display screen, bigger screen that iPod nano (i'm comparing with nano, cuz that's the alternative, as the iPod itself is too big for me), which is gives u better video-watching experience and other features, like FM radio, and recorder. It's got better sound also, and since I bought it during Comex, they throw in the in-ear earphones (the one that comes with X-Fi, i think) for free, which makes the sound even better. But seriously, when i tried using that earphones on iPod, the sound quality doesn't differ much. So yea i dunno...

But but... the WORST thing is, less than a week after I bought that Zen, it DIED on me!! *grrr*

Not sure what happened. It's probably a corrupted file (it's Hero by Mariah Carey. Hero, for all titles. How ironic!) , which I know somehow can't be played even on iTunes or iPod. But in iTunes or iPod, it'll just get skipped, no problem at all. But when I accidentally click on that song, the Zen just hanged. And even after I press the reset button, it just kept getting hanged. So frustrating! So much for the zen >.<

Sigh... If I had known, I'd just get myself a Nano (or maybe Samsung P2, since Shan and Novs doesn't seem to have any complain about it yet)and a good earphones even if it costs more. Suddenly, I remember what my AA prof said in class last week. "Accountants tend to measure everything based on it's monetary value. But we should also consider other factors"

In my case, I should've considered my own "zen" experience that I'd get from listening from a good mp4 player :(

Monday, September 1, 2008

Do You Know 4 Sounds like "Die" in Mandarin?

Hookay, it's week 3 of school and I still haven't find the drive to study. Seriously, i find going to school to be such a drag.

Anyways, I'm taking only 4 mods this term. Let's see...

Entrepreneurial (man, i never like tt word - always a mouthful to pronounce and tough to spell) Finance: So far it's okay i guess. One thing tho, when I saw the prof on our first class, I thought, "He's kinda cute". LOL. Seriously. Definitely the most good-looking, relatively speaking, prof that I've ever encountered. All of us thought that he's only in his 30s but he's almost 50 already! He looks much younger than his age and he's got a nice build. But too bad, he's pretty monotonous. My class is on Monday MORNINGs. No matter how cute he looks, i couldn't help but feeling bored. I almost dropped it, but damn, I paid e$70+ for tt class, and if I drop it, i'll lose e$20+.

2nd week of EF, I was lost most of the time. He just suddenly did some calculation and spoke in greek. My bad for not doing my reading, I guess. So since I was lost, I facebooked. Fenny who was sitting beside me told me that Prof has a facebook. So... obviously I went to his FB and checked him out. Can you believe it? Moi who thinks that most profs are out there to ruin her life (or GPA to be specific), and thus can't be bothered by such species, would do such a thing. But I was curious (and lost, remember). So check him out I did. And i got a surprise...or shock, can't decide. That's cuz there on my screen was a half-nekkid man (make that 90% nekkid) beaming at me. And there was a few of such pics. I couldn't help laughing, and when I showed to Fens, Eks and Yins, they laughed too. Luckily the prof was telling some joke or sth, cuz the class was laughing, otherwise it'd be weird if we're chuckling while the rest of the class was concentrating on whatever he was writing on the board. If he was some other guy, i'd be like "wow, that's hot!" when I see him on FB. But he's a friggin PROF! It's just weird. Profs are supposed to be thick-glasses wearing, pruny and balding old men. Ok i'm exaggerating, none of my profs are like tt, 'cept for one. But still...

Then met Kris (who's also takin EF, but afternoon class) after my class and while we're talkin about how young prof looks, he suddenly said, "His pants are so tight! I'd feel uncomfortable in them". LOL. Yea, I had exactly the same thought on our first class. Real tight pants. Prolly, he wants to flaunt those tight butts of his. haha... okay.... hope he doesn't read this post :P

Today's class was better. At least I understood most part. And then he was like telling us how some students made biased simulation and I guessed that amused him and he smiled a lot. A thought went across my mind. "He looks even better when he smiles". Just as I had that thought, Fens beside me quipped, "Hey, he looks sweet when he smiles." This is Fens we're talking about, who hardly make comments about guys, unless prompted. That was amusing. Then we joked that in normal setting, he looks like in his 30s, in facebook (esp in his speedos) he looks in his 20s, and when he smiles, he looks 18! LOL.... Mayb the e$70 isn't such a waste after all. Haha.... *jokes*

Curious of who he is? Come to SMoo. LOL...There aren't many prof teaching EF, neways ;)

Wow, wrote 4 paras just on EF. Moving on...

Advance Auditing: Ketan is my prof. 'Nuff said.

Advance Financial Accounting: I remembered what Erls said when she saw my book. "Car, I saw 3 really disgusting words. First, it's accounting. Then it's actually financial accounting. ADVANCE somemore!" LOL....My sentiments exactly, Erls.

It's known as the buy-one-get-one-free mod. Some people say it's 3x worse than Corp rep, some said 5x and there are others who said 10x. Dunno which one's correct yet. But since I'm an accountant-in-training, I shall be conservative and so I'd say it's 10x. But one thing for sure, the moment I mention that I'm taking AFA, those who have taken it will either have a very disgusted look on their faces, or say "Urgh, I remember that mod!" with such contempt or simply wish me luck. ^^"

Frankly speaking, I like the prof. I think she's real nice. Kinda motherly. My friends thought so too. It's just the mod. It's a killer! 2nd week is still bearable tho. But heard she accelerates really quickly. Kinda like an F1 race car. haha...

Business Study Mission: Tonnes of emails! Omg, I just can't keep up with the emails. And we started working on the mod 1 mth BEFORE school starts. Lotsa work and it feels like I'm constantly walking on a field of landmines. Never know what's gonna happen. As in... you know I mean. But I kinda expected that already. I just have to keep telling myself that there's light at the end of the tunnel (i hope *crossfingers*) MIDDLE EAST BAYBEHH!! Who knows a rich oil sheikh is waiting there for me? Mwahahaha....

I seriously think this term is gonna be a hell of a ride. I've got like 2 friggin projects for EVERY single mods and my mods are the advance types. So yeah... WISH ME LUCK!!