Thursday, March 26, 2009

It's week 12, darlings.

Nearing the end of week 12. Everyday projects, assignments, more projects, more assignments. sian-ness. Worse, my parents are out of town. If it were week 1 or 2, I'd be shouting for joy. FREEDOM! is what i'd say. But not now. On top of schoolworks, i've to clean the house, cook my own food, wash the dishes, do the laundry etc. Mom will only be coming back 10 days later. More sian-ness.

First few days were fine. It was kinda liberating actually. No one tells me to sleep early, no one tells me to wake up early. Experimented a little in the kitchen. Made bunch of nameless meals, which were good. But the novelty is fading quickly. Dishes are piling up.

Unfortch, mom's not here cuz my sis is sick (told her to take care of herself. bah...). So i can't be so selfish to ask her to come back ASAP. Sigh.. when all the options are equally bad, it's hard to decide what to wish for. Oh and my dad is coming back on Sat. Hopefully he goes to bangkok soon after he comes back. It's more troublesome to look after two people than to look after myself only. And he always nags me to sleep early and wake up early. Sigh sighs...

Thursday, March 5, 2009

I'm Dreaming of Hokkien Mee

Wow, almost a month since I last blogged. A rather depressing post at that somemore. I thought time flies only when I'm really busy. Well I guess I'm wrong. Time flies even faster when I'm "free". This term is supposedly pretty relaxed for me, taking only 3 modules (plus one extra audit class) and no more accounting mod (HALLELUJAH!!). But it's because I'm so free that I often spend my time doing things that takes time with no particular result, like watching drama, read manga, sleep, flog-surfing, reading books or going out with friends. Sometimes I really have no idea what I've been doing. I'd wake up in the morning and then do those stuff and bam! it's midnight already ^^"

Anyways, time flies so fast that it's almost the end of week 9 of school. Just ended my Strategy mid-term this afternoon. Oh-em-gee. I kinda screwed up a bit. Everybody, and i mean EVERYBODY, has the correct answer for the essay part except moi. Sometimes I wonder if I'm really stupid or just plain idiotic. Gosh...

Though I was a little dizzy, due to lack of sleep, I went to join Shan, Pris and Hans for dinner after class to accompany the 2 angmohs staying at my bro's place. "Bring them eat Singapore food lor", Shan said.

Good thing I went with them. I was able to forget about that cursed mid-term and satisfied my craving for Chomp Chomp's hokkien mee. Yes, I think chomp chomp sells the best hokkien mee in the whole Singapore. Yumm! Ate other delish stuff too, like carrot cake, rojak, chicken wing, satay etc. All the fattening but happy-mood-inducing goodies. My headache was no more and my stomach is a happy organ tonight :D

The 2 angmohs are called Ricky and Robert (I think? Didn't properly intro ourselves) btw. Met Ricky before in Jakarta at my bro's wedding. They're Americans doing missionary work in Thailand. So, stories shared during dinner were bound to be really interesting. We talked about lotsa things from tranvestite (like duh, it's thailand), to our old mission trip village Bee Yew Ta, to smoking weed (eh?), to Robs living in a ranch (I had images of those ranches from Indiana Jones type o' movie) with horses and guns (o.O) and other random stuff. All those stories made me really really wanna go travel around the world like them.

And so... that brings me to my problem - should I go US or Eastern Europe?? And and and, the bigger problem is - how to earn lotsa money in a short time??? No suggestion of prostitution please. If it's a viable option, I'd have done it. Anyone feeling rich to give me some dosh? Please? Pretty please??? ^^