Tuesday, August 25, 2009

I Kinda Miss School

Smoo students wud be entering their 2nd week of school by now. Saw some uni-student-looking people squeezing with the office workers on the train these past few days. Sigh... I kinda miss going to school. I miss wearing comfy casual clothes. I miss having to rush and attend boring seminars one day and getting to stay at home lazing around the next. I miss going for super extended lunch after classes and hitting the empty malls on weekday afternoons. I miss seeing sales items still neatly arranged on the shop shelves and taking my time choosing without squeezing with other bargain-hunters. And of course, I miss my afternoon naps. I feel sleepiest after lunch. But most of all, I miss waking up late and coming home early. I still can't get over the drag I feel every morning getting my butt off the bed.

Gah, must be the Tuesday blues! Er's right. Mondays' are actually not that bad since there is still the weekend happy feelings. But Tuesdays are worse since the weekend feelings have worn off and the weekend is still far away. Sooo far away.....

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