Thursday, August 13, 2009

The Big 4

So I've been working in one of the Big 4 for over a month already and received my first paycheck yesterday. Yes, they've only given it to us after more than 5 weeks working for them. Don't they realise the time value of money? Oh yea, that's right, they do realise the time value for them, not for us. So calculative. As expected from an accounting firm eh. And I don't know why, I don't really feel cash-rich. Must be the $26,000 debt I have. Sigh....

Neways, read in S' blog about how working in the Big 4 is like entering a bad relationship. Well I have heard the horror stories from seniors. But I should count myself lucky cuz I haven't experienced any of those horror. The latest I've left office is 6pm and the earliest was 3.30pm HAHAHA. Ok, that happened only once during training period.

Well, that's cuz I've been seconded to this other dept where things are so relaxed. There isn't much things to do. Even if there are things to do, the secretary would keep telling me to take my time and that there's no deadline, unlike in audit. In her own words, "Take your time ar. No need to kan cheong". To that I say, "Yes m'am!"

So here's what i read about working in the Big 4:

1) You’re excited and have a new wave of confidence.
2) Your jealous friends think you’re so cool.
3) You’re eager to please.
4) You tell everyone. “I work at Big 4” “I’m dating Sam”
5) You spend way too much time.
6) You’ll be asked to order/make food.
7) Sometimes you wonder if you’re being taken advantage of.
8) Your parents wonder why you come home so late.
9) Your parents don’t know what you’re doing.
10) You tell yourself things will get better.
11) You’re made to do things you don’t want to.
12) You wonder if this is the ONE where you will spend the rest of your life.
13) You consider leaving but what will your friends/parents think?
14) You’re asked to eat things you don’t want to… um… like hours of course.
15) There are good times and bad times.
16) Bad times seem to be a lot worse.
17) The longer you stay, the worse it gets.
18) The smart ones leave early.


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