Thursday, July 30, 2009

I'm back

After a long absence, I'm back here again. Feels bad for my blog. It gets abandoned every now and then. Actually there are tonnes of story to tell. The last exam of my uni life, the part-timing in a pastry shop (super fun!), the grad trip, the commencement, working life (or rather the lack of it) etc. But I got lazy.

So I've decided to start blogging again. Cuz i'm super bored and people kept asking me to start blogging again. I guess other ppl are pretty bored out like me too. I do have things to do. But not much and they're like non-brainer. I can finish them in a zip, but then I'd have nothing to do, my desk will be empty and I'll be spacing out or doing random googling. So i'll slowly do them while blogging heehee :P

Bet you've never heard of an auditor who's damn free like me. I'm not the only one tho. My unit mates are the same. We get to go home on the dot at 5.30, take 1.5hrs lunch, relax a bit. It was nice at first, but it gets boring real fast. And now i'm seconded to the IT dept and end up doing sai kang for them *rollseyes* Sigh... I wanna do real work already. Sian sian...

Oops, my boss just saw me blogging. Yesterday he saw me giggling to myself while msn-ing. SHites... All Ad's fault for saying all those cheesy stuff on msn. Hee...

K. CIao for now.

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