Wednesday, August 6, 2008

One Tuesday Evening

Yesterday was the first time I go to Dawn's place. We, incl zw and his friend, were supposed to go to the zoo but somebody was so smart that he forgot to get the free tix despite my countless reminders. Hmph, was so pissed! Despite having lived in Sg for more than 8 yrs, I've never been to the zoo. So yea, was kinda looking froward to the trip.

Anyways, in the end I went to d's place for a swim, dinner and bowling. Her house is like soo far, took me almost an hr to reach but i'm kinda in a desperate need to lose some fat before sch stars as I've been pigging out during the hols. Oh did I tell you some bitch stole my shoes at the school gym 2 wks ago? WTF right?

Who in their right mind would steal sports shoes? Most smoo students are like how friggin rich. Besides my shoes aren't the latest model and they were a bit muddy from hiking. But yea, when I came out from showering, my shoes were gone. How unlucky!

Anyways, d said we would do laps, but in the end we were just chit-chatting in the pool for almost 2 hrs. zw was there also. So while i did a couple of laps, d was happily talking to zw. She even bought this float thing that you can sit on - so much for wanting to exercise. LOL....

Dinner was simple since we already had the sushi that I brought. Sushi didn't turn out as good as the last time I made them. Dunno what went wrong tho. Then we went to Starbowl to find ot that a competition was being held, which took most lanes. So we had to wait. Was quite long and it was getting late. Usu the place is quite empty during weekdays, but just our luck there was a competition. Have I mentioned that I'm unlucky? *sighs...

We almost gave up waiting. One uncle who was plaing alone actually offered us to join him. But that was mayb cuz he saw me n d only. Be when he realised that zw was with us, he regretted giving us the offer. haha...But neways, we didn't join him cuz d didn't want to.

At almost 9.30pm we finally got our lane and played 2 games. d and I were such pathetic bowlers. Our balls kept going to the longkang. So paiseh especially since the competition was still going on. Compared to the score of the guys at our right (the pro's) ours were like -sighs-. I noticed one uncle who was with the competiting teams kept looking at our scoreboard and kept sniggering. *rollseyes* But our second game was better, ok mine was slightly better but d improved tremendously (more than doubled her score) and zw hit the 100. haha...

clockwise: me, dawn, colourful balls and zw

First game


Dejected Dawn and her super eye-catching multicolor socks
Oh btw, the guy at the counted was so anal la. He kept looking at us and told us off, saying that we were disturbing at the competing teams and that we should give way to them. What the? The pros never even complained and they even gave way to us. So friggin annoying! It's not like we played for free. We paid lor! D was saying that the idiot must be single and prolly no gf or even friends to bowl with. I had to agree. *tsktsk...

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