Sunday, August 17, 2008


Released date: 2 July 2008

2. Oh My God
3. Laugh away ~YUI Acoustic Version~
4. SUMMER SONG ~Instrumental~

YUI's 13th single. Just like Laugh Away, I love SUMMER SONG the moment I hear it. The beginning part sounds like a cross between Laugh Away and CHE.R.RY - the accoustic guitar and the keyboard sound. I think the song has been aptly titled as it has a very summery sound and feel to it. The chorus especially has a happy, light feeling. Unfortunately though, I think her voice is a little too squeeky in some parts. The song has unusually many high parts. But I'm not really complaining. The song provides ample fab accoustic and bass sounds, which I love.

The PV is great too. It has all the summer images and colour - the beach, the breeze, sunflowers, a vast field full of little flowers, lemon yellow, grassy green, sky blue, coral blue, baby blue, lots and lotsa blue. Me likeys! The casts are the same from last time and the story is cute. YUI shows more emotion too; she smiles a lot more than usual and even grooves to the music, bobbing up and down while playing her trusty guitar. She looks like having a lot of fun making the video :)

I've got the 2nd track, Oh My God, too. Still undecided on how I feel about it. Don't really like the beginning part. But one thing I'm sure, I love the bass here. It's more pronounced than usual. It's got summer feel also. I think the song will grow on me.

Aa aah..... That reminds me that school re-opens tomorrow and I've got a blardy monday morning class. It's sad to think that today is the last day of my last summer holidays. *Sobs...* Sayonara atashi no saigo no natsu yasumi (Goodbye, my last summer holidays) :'(

Meanwhile, enjoy SUMMER SONG! :):)

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