Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Cuppies for Mashimaro

A very belated present for Viny aka the Mashimaro of Statz Farm Family! :D

She only celebrated the bday last sunday cuz well, even during hols i guess it's still hard to get everyone together. I used Vahlrona chocs for the choc cuppies. If you know your chocolates well, you'd know Vahlrona is THE chocolate, it's like the Tiffany's of chocolates.

But as with all things, quality comes with a price, which is why to be honest, I've never used it on my cupcakes before. If i were to use it, it's gonna inflate the price of my cuppies by a lot. haha... Was waiting for a chance to use it and find out what's so great it. Wanted to use it for some special occasion, and I guess Vins is special enough to be the first to try :)

When I opened the packet, sure enough it has the characteristics of a good choc. You see, a good choc has a very sweet chocolatey smell that just with a sniff, you can almost taste it. The first time I got a good whiff of a good handmade choc was when I bought some pralines and truffles froms Sinz choc. So expensive, but omg so so so good! It got the similar smell. And when i taste the Vahlrona choc powder, it's got this nice bitter that tho it's bitter, it doesn't make you scrunch your face and doesn't have that yucky acidic after-taste. Okay, I'm not tt great at describing things, but it's definitely quality stuff. Just take my word for it.

But then again, maybe I'm exaggerating. I think I'm the kind who'll be as happy if you give me a bar of Kit Kat or Godiva (um... ok, Godiva makes me happier :P). In fact, I'm planning to do some choc powder tasting soon. I've got a few brands at home. I'm no choc expert but I'll try to be objective and will tell u the result soon :)


dawn said...

ur photos are so pretteh!

Just.Me. said...

thx babe! :D