Monday, July 21, 2008

Why MPW and LTB might be useful

All of you might know how much I regret to be in SMU, particularly, how much I regret taking accountancy. Most of the modules really don't make sense to me, or rather, are of no interest to me. I'm the kind of person who doesn't even know how much I have in my account. I just spend whenever I feel like it and once in a blue moon, will update my passbook to check the balance. Haven't got an overdraft problem since I don't spend much. So... money matters don't really concern me, which means, accounting and finance modules are horribly dry to me.

Instead, modules that people find as nonsense are actually quite interesting to me, well relatively speaking - relative to the acct and finance mods that is. Mods such as analytical skill (eg. If all A are B, and all B are C, then all A are C), creative thinking, and the likes. And working in my current place, I realise that Management of People at Work (MPW) and Leadership and Team Building (LTB) can be quite useful, esp if I were to have my own business.

Ok I'm being quite long-winded in my intro, but actually I just feel like complaining about my boss. I think he's such a $%^&!$%#!*&*%$^! ass. Actually I've never really had any problem with him. He minds his own business, I mind my own. He comes and goes without acknowledging my existence. Never once had he said hi to me whatsoever. That's fine tho, so long as he doesn't bother me. He doesn't look like he's a bad person either.

But I often talk to the other staff, both the service and the kitchen, during lunch time or when we're quite free, and found out that he's not such a nice person after all. I shan't elaborate on what they told me tho. Since it's their story, not mine. But still, he's not a nice person. Then I start hearing him scolding vulgarities to the kitchen staff. The F-word is somehow quite popular among the ppl who work there.

Then just few weeks ago, because the resto wants to change their menu, they asked the staff to do food-testing. Then I was just talking to my colleague about sushi and sashimi and how a good sashimi depends on the quality of the fish and even the way the chef cut it and stuff like that. And I have not the vague-est how such conversation could offend anyone. But somehow it offended the boss. He was like showing unhappy face and saying stuff like "you all dunno anything lah, you're just wasting money. You think got such good chef in singapore meh? yaddayaddayadda..."

I was like "Huh? What are you so mad about?"

It's just my speculation but you see, the business has been rather slow nowadays, and some say it's because our quality has dropped and stuff. So maybe, just maybe, he felt offended cuz he thought I was talking about hte chef. Ceh... such an easily offended person.

Then today was so busy. Busy like hell. It was full house and even had people waiting to be seated. Never had this occured before in my 4 months working there. So anyways, it was so busy that the kitchen ran out of rice. Which is why the staff had to ask if it's okay for the rice to be changed to udon, at no extra cost (usu. got extra charge).

So neways, there's this one table that had their rice changed to udon. But thing is, I wasn't the one handling hte table and I didn't know they had their rice changed. Then 2 of the orders took quite long to come, and the cust kept asking for it. So went to the pantry to inform the kitchen. Boss was there telling that there's rice now, and told me to ask them if then want rice or udon. Yes, that's exactly what he said "Ask them if they want rice or udon?" that's all.

So of course I had to ask what their order was, so that I know what the problem was, because i didn't even know there was no more rice in the first place. But he just raised his voice and hit the counter-top and said "JUST ASK THEM IF THEY WANT RICE OR UDON?"

What the $%^*! And there was other staff around. You know, scold me is bad, but scold me in front of people is worse, man. Pai seh ar. KNNBCCB!

Dude, I know it's busy and all but no need to shout and I had to know the problem right and need to explain properly right. That's called quality service. Even my supervisor agreed with me. Actually the rest of the staff are quite pissed that the mgt want everything to be done rapido while compromising the quality. No wonder biz has been bad. Today's an exception tho, maybe cuz of the feng shui master he brought in last week. But that's another story.

Oh and one more thing. He doesn't look at the people in the eye when he's talking to them. I feel like telling him, "Hey your mother never teach you is it? It's basic courtesy to look at the person you're talking to in the eye, stoops"

I seriously think he doesnt have any people management skill whatsoever. Thru MPW and LTB, at least I know that it's really impt to have a good attitude if you were to be a manager. Or else, you'll have people cursing at you behind your back. But him... pfft.... bad-tempered, scolds vulgarites, get angry for no rhymes or reason, easily offended, rude and like Thes also add at the end... STILL ALIVE SOME MORE.

Actually I've been having this thought. I wonder if I should tell him how bad a manager he is the same time that I resign, which is not too long from now. I mean, I've got nothing to lose. I won't be working there anymore. Not like I will ever go back and mayb, he'll change his attitude. I'll be kinda helping my colleagues to have a nice boss right? Haha... the thought somehow excites me. But then again. it might be too troublesome. We'll see...

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