Wednesday, July 16, 2008

How Do I Hate Thee, Let Me Count the Ways

"How do I love thee" was one of the cheesiest poem I had to recite in my secondary school days. But since the whole class had to recite them, one by one of course, the experience wasn't that bad. Quite funny, in fact, since some people just can't put emotion into it, including myself. haha...

But if you were to ask me to recite my own version, called "How do I hate thee!", I can do it close-eyed, with full of emotion easily. And I tell you, my version can take hours to finish. So, obviously I'm feeling an intense hatred towards a certain someone currently. But then again, I feel hatred towards that idiot most of the time since I was an innocent little girl.

Honestly, I think some people do enjoy pissing other people off. They never think how their actions would make other people feel - wait, maybe they actually do, that is how their actions would piss other ppl off. They always look from their own point of view only. They are a bunch of irritating, selfish, unreasonable, conceited, absolutely detestable creatures and most annoyingly, they won't leave you alone.

Why, oh why, are there such creatures in this world? This world would be a gazillion times better place without their existance. But unfortunately, I have to live with one of them. Poor me :(

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