Wednesday, April 1, 2009

I can't believe this feelings

The feelings that I know I'm gonna miss smoo *gasp*

It's mid-week 13. Somehow I'm already feeling sad that it's the last week of my university life. Correct that. My study life. After cursing the education system for the 16 years of my life, I can actually see the end and strangely i'm not THAT excited about it. Well i can definitely do without the crazy last-minute cramming, or anxious tears over unfinished schoolwork/exam materials. But during the past 3 days, my friends just keep reminding me that it's our last week of classes and in 2.5 weeks' time, it'll be over, all over. We kept taking pictures while saying over n over again "it's our last week of school!" and I have a feeling that all of us actually didn't mind having project meetings till pretty late at night since soon they will all be no more.

Argh! How can I be feeling nostalgic towards school stuff already? How can I, the smoo #1 hater, feel that I'm gonna miss it? Weird feelings. Must be the exhaustion and lack of sleep. Yes. That must be it.

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dawn said...

godddd. carrrrrrr..... im feeling really quite emo right now. we have two more classes left, did you realise......................