Monday, January 26, 2009

I Have a New Addiction...

... and it's called flumpool!

flumpool is a four-man J-band: Ryuuta Yamamura (Voc & Gu), Kazuki Sakai (Gu), Genki Amakawa (Ba), and Seiji Ogura (Dru). They're pretty new to the J-music scene having been formed only in early 2007 and I think released their first single in early 2008. Their mini album "Unreal", released late last Dec, has gotta be one of the best J-album for the year 2008 IMHO!

They started humbly by singing at subway stations (i think when they were only 3-man band, ie sans the drummer, called "cube"). But they rise to fame pretty quickly. They have already has the highest selling debut act of 2008 in Japan; with only 2 digital singles & 1 mini-album to their name (which has almost sold 200k). Not surprising, really, since they have got real good music.

Another thing that attracted me to this band besides their good music is that their vocalist is real cute! *swoons*LOL...

flumpool Pictures, Images and Photos

I mean, hey, not many good J bands have got good-looking frontman. Among my fav bands, think only Larc~en~ciel (Hyde-sama!) and Uverworld have ikemen vocalists. if you wanna see ikemen, go listen to Johnny boys, but unfortch they can't really sing. So yea, it's definitely a plus for my viewing pleasure.

Anyways, back to their music. Their mini album has 10 songs, which includes 2 instrumentals, which kinda make it pseudo-singles. Out of the 8 songs, my fav are (in order of fav, 1 being best):
1. Hana ni Nare
2. 春風 (harukaze)
3. labo
4. Over the rain~Hikari no Hashi~

3 and 4 are kinda in a tie. And all 4 songs are pretty different from each other, which is nice.

Their song "Over the rain ~Hikari no Hashi~" was used as the closing song of the drama Bloody Monday (it's a must-watch show!), which I've only finished watching last week and it's where I've first heard of them. Didn't check the song out straight away cuz I don't really like melancholic songs and drama songs usually reminds me of the drama itself and despite BloMo being a good drama, it's not sth I wanna be reminded of often. But it's still a good slow song, tho sometimes somehow it makes me feel sad.

Hana ni Nare is without a doubt my fav! I like it the moment I hear the song. Dunno how to classify it, but it's kinda rock-ish? Love the string music arrangement in the beginning. It gives a perfect intro to the song. And Kazuki harmonize Ryuuta perfectly, maybe cuz they're like childhood friends.

Their latest song, Harukaze, is a lovely slow rock. The lyrics are really sweet too. It's a perfect song to listen to on a long bus/train ride, preferably with nice view outside, just like in the video (:

labo didn't become instant fav.It's like a mix of rock, jazz and punk, i think haha... But the more I listen to it, the more I like it although it's got pretty weird lyrics. Oh and I love the video. It's pretty cool and I love the way Ryuuta groove to the beat.

And saving the best for the last, I present you the cover for Unreal!!

I bet it will go straight to censorship if they ever bring this album to Singapore. Ryuuta said that it portrays their new entrance to the entertainment world or something like that. And the title Unreal is is also something like their surreal shot to fame and that fans are to decide if the pics are real or digitally modified. I say (and D too) that Ryuuta has got some nice, perky butts there hohoho...

flumpool Pictures, Images and Photos

It's pretty hard to get their pics. So be happy I've found these drool-worthy piccas!


dawn said...

hey car, i know this is random but.. pls rmb to file for graduation! haha...

Levaythos† said...

thx for posting the pictures(^v^)
I like the last picture,where do u get it from?
*yea im collecting their pics (><)